This Blog consists entirely of the comments emailed or posted to me by people that have seen me perform

Birtsmorton court, Malvern 30.10.13

Dear Lizz and Winkie

Thank you so much for your performance on Wednesday.  We are only sorry that we didn’t get to appreciate as much of your performance as our guests did.  I love the fact that you played L.O.V.E as we came into the Garden Room, even if it did mean that I had to dance (or attempt to).
Do Gitane do any public performances?
Rebecca and Andy Vick

Orchard Leigh, Frome 12.10.13

Hi Lizz

Many thanks for your email and thank you so much for everything.
My I say you were absolutely fantastic during the wedding day and everyone has mentioned to us how perfect you were. 
You really added a special touch to the wedding and hearing you play was amazing. It's exactly how we wanted. 

Thank you so much again I really hope we cross 
paths again so we can hear you play. 

Many thanks

Paul & Emma 

Royal Hippodrome Theatre, Eastbourne 25.10.13

Hello Lizz

It was lovely to meet you on Friday and thanks very much for taking part in the concert. I really enjoyed your programme and the concert went very well.

Kind Regards
Andrew Parsons

Voices for Hospices, Assembly Hall, Melksham 12.10.13

Hi Lizz and Winkie

We are writing to thank you for your part in making our concert a huge success. Lizzy you are a firm favourite having appeared in three of the four concerts in Melksham and you only need to go on stage and smile you immediately melt the hearts of all of the men in the audience. Our concert being different than the others with it’s golden theme the addition of Winkie with the piano accordion Gitane created a romantic Parisian sound right for the occasion..
the beret the onions all added to the ambience it’s a good job they keep !!! onion soup all winter!!! Thank you also for returning a part of your fee as a donation for the cause it just demonstrates the lovely people you are.

Our very best regards

Jim and Judy Speed

The Temple of Apollo, Stourhead Gardens 20.09.13

Dear Lizz,

I'm so sorry I didn't get to chat with you after the ceremony. I just wanted to say how fab you were and you really made my day very special. When you started playing as I came up the hill I almost started to cry it was so beautiful (and Shane said so did he :). 

And when you played Meditation during the ceremony I remember looking out at you and the beautiful backdrop and thinking what a very special moment it was. Everyone loved Ashoken Farewell and my Dad told me he asked you to play it again afterwards :)

Shane said you were blue by the time you finished playing! It did get very chilly up there! Despite that I hope you enjoyed it.
So again thank you so much for making our wonderful day even more special. 

Geri x