This Blog consists entirely of the comments emailed or posted to me by people that have seen me perform

18.02.16, Bexhill Cemetery, East Sussex

'That was so incredibly moving.. I have never seen a burial quite like that.  
The violin is so perfect for the occasion, thank you' 

Sue Pellow - Celebrant

12.02.16, South Bristol Crematorium, Bristol

Thank you so much Lizz..

You made this day so special, and our Lee loved it too.

Rita (Wife of the deceased)

08.02.16, Cathedral of Canterbury & Kingsthorpe Cemetery, Northampton

Hi Lizz, 

I cannot thank you enough for Monday, you truly made a day complete by playing at the end of the service and at the graveside, the music was beautifully played and Dad would have loved it, music to his ears. 

Heartfelt thanks
Karen x

- daughter of the deceased