This Blog consists entirely of the comments emailed or posted to me by people that have seen me perform

05.03.16, 'Jane Taylor & Lizz Lipscombe', Enford Village Hall, Wiltshire

'Hi Lizz,
Thanks to you and Jane for a great evening.  Good to meet you both however briefly afterwards. As I asked while you were signing the CDs we bought, please put me onto your emailing list. Best wishes,

'Hi Lizz 
Just a very quick note to say thanks very much for the brilliant gig on Saturday. Everyone had a terrific time so you must definitely do it again sometime.
 All the best and well done to both you and Jane.

'Hi Lizz, 
Thank you for a great concert last night I really enjoyed it.  I was sitting front left as you looked at the audience and we chatted briefly at the very end when I asked you for an autograph before you became too famous! 
Thanks again and I hope to see you again in either village.
 All the best, 

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