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28.09.16 Cripps Barn, Bibury

Hi Lizz,

Thank you very much! And thank you so much for playing us up the aisle and beyond, it was very lovely. You play so beautifully :) 
Of course you can use pics on your blog and yes please add us to your mailing list. 

Best wishes,
Rachel and Handy xx 

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  1. Hi Liz - sorry to hijack this thread so please delete once you'cve seen this :-)

    Hi Lizz, malcolm Shipp suggested you as a vilini player... The Invitation Theatre Company is performing "War of The Worlds" (Jeff Wayne) in Devizes Nov 15th-19th and are seeking vilionists and viola players. its a paid gig - if you are interested in more information, Jemma Brown - included in this conversation - can tell you more. If you are unable to join us, if you know of any friends that are violinists and vioala players please pass this along - many thanks 🙂