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16.07.17 80th Birthday, Aldbourne, Wiltshire

Hello Lizz,

On 9th July last year I was at Hannah and Andy Cotton’s wedding and thought you were wonderful. 

I  AM OVER THE MOON;  THRILLED;  GRINNING FROM EAR TO EAR AND TOTALLY DELIGHTED that you could play for my 80th birthday party!

..We are all in agreement - your presence and your beautiful playing created a wonderful atmosphere and were the icing on the cake for the party !!  Thank you so much for giving us such huge pleasure - and for giving us extra time.  We were delighted that you joined us for the meal too.  Hannah was especially pleased to see you!

My sincere thanks, and every good wish for the future. 

Love and hugs - Judy 

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  1. Wow, this 80th birthday looks really chic. The photos were super nice. I too have to host the birthday bash for my dad but on a budget. Recently I need some recommendations for the outdoor LA event venues. The bash is black and white theme. Can anyone provide any suitable venue suggestions?